Preparing for Anesthesia

Preparing for a Procedure Requiring Anesthesia

Anesthesia Facts

Five Tips to Help Your Patients Prepare for Anesthesia and Surgery

What to Do Before Given Anesthesia

10 Questions to Ask Before Anesthesia

Having Surgery? Here's How to Manage Your Medications

Your Stay in the ICU: What Patients and Families Should Know About Intensive Care After Surgery

What You Don't Know About Pain Can Hurt You

Anesthesia Risk Assessment Tool

Patient Checklist for Office-Based Procedures

Educación pública: La anestesia y usted...

(Se reimprimiá con la autorización de: Sociedad Texas de Anestesiólogos y Sociedad Americana de Anestesiólogos)

In addition, the CSA has obtained permission from the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists and the ASA to reprint several of the patient education papers that have been prepared in Spanish. You may access these papers below.

Conozca a su anestesilogo
Anestesiapara ciruga ambulatoria
Cómo planear el nacimiento de su hijo
Control del dolor
Pacientes de la tercera edad