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Jan 06, 2021
Our mission is to elevate voices of healthcare heroes to build vaccine-trust towards a covid-free world.
Background: Science has achieved a moonshot for humankind with the covid-19 vaccine. Up until now, COVID has ravaged the American dream. Today, more than 83 million Americans are struggling to afford basic life necessities like food, housing, and healthcare. Yet, there is hope: the vaccine is the single best bet toward a covid-free world.

However, the single greatest barrier now facing us is vaccine trust especially amongst communities of color, younger individuals, and lower socioeconomic populations. Without the trust of these communities, we will never achieve herd immunity in America. Even healthcare workers are not immune to mistrust. We also know that the most prominent anti-vaxxers met for a private three-day international meeting with the goal of destroying vaccine legitimacy and capitalizing on societal distrust. In total, their followership has increased by 7.8 million this year alone to now 58 million followers worldwide.

Why Now? Given the stealth and sophistication of the opposition; that the public has limited resources for trusted, accurate information; and that patients trust their personal doctor universally on the vaccine across all races and party lines: now is the time to mobilize doctors and healthcare workers in a national grassroots campaign as trusted vaccine messengers with fidelity to science and evidence. The goal is to catalyze critical public confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine. Never has more been at stake in the 21st century. The end of this pandemic is now squarely in our hands.

The leadership mission is clear: to elevate voices of healthcare heroes to build vaccine-trust towards a covid-free world in 2021. #ThisIsOurShot

Impact to date: Over 23,000 healthcare advocates who’ve elevated their voices through the viral grassroots social media campaign, #ThisIsOurShot, has now reached 59 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram as of January 1, 2021.

Who We Are: This initiative is led and supported by the California Medical Association with allies from the California Academy of Family Physicians, American College of Sports Medicine, Texas Medical Association, Doctors for America, Doctors in Politics, American Medical Student Association, Vot-ER, American Medical Association, and Governor’s Office.

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