Join Us This Saturday for the CSA Resident Research Day

  • Agarwal, Rita, MD, FAAP, FASA
  • Brock-Utne, John, MD
  • Pearl, Ronald, MD, PhD, FASA
| Jun 08, 2020

California Society of Anesthesiologist is proud to announce a Virtual Anesthesia Resident Research Day on the June 13 at 9:00 am. Although many Universities and departments of anesthesiology are doing online presentations for their trainees, we believe this is the first ever State-Wide virtual resident research day in the US.

We have 14 presenters who will get 5 minutes to discuss their power point presentation, followed by a 1-minute question and answer period.

You can tune in by using this link

We welcome questions through the chat function. Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP, FASA, is the moderator and will choose one question to ask each speaker. 

Below are the presenters, in the order they will present and their affiliation. The presentations will start at 9: 00 am and end around 10:30 am. All 13 will present recent research or interesting case reports. In alphabetical order they are:

  1. Veronica Anufreichik, MD: Does your mask fit? A comparison of qualitative versus quantitative mask fit testing. UC Irvine
  2. Varina Clark BS: In Vivo Knockdown of Snail is a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Right Ventricular Failure. UCLA   
  3. Michael Douglas MD:  Anesthesia Resident Case Log Automation and Analytics. Loma Linda
  4. Taylor Graber MD:  Do children with Trisomy 21 really have a difficult airway? Assessing the Incidence of Airway Difficulty in a Pediatric Population with Trisomy 21. UC San Diego
  5. Sydney Hemphill, BS:  Quantifying Virtual Reality Pain Modulation in Healthy Volunteers through Ice Immersion. Stanford
  6. Taraz Nosrat, MD: Back to Bedside: Perioperative music therapy for patient comfort and physician well-being. UC San Diego
  7. Daniel Orolvich, MD, PharmD: Novel Objective Intraoperative Sound Level Evaluation (NOISE) – A Pilot Study. Stanford
  8. Alexender Perez, MD, PhD: High Fidelity CRISPR Libraries to Interrogate Anesthetic Genetic Susceptibilities. UCSF
  9. Alexandra Ruan, MD: The Effect of Night Float Rotation on Resident Sleep, Activity, and Wellbeing. Stanford
  10. Evan Sleipness, MD: Perioperative Birth Control Counseling for Female Surgical Patients Using Hormonal Contraceptive. Navy Medical Center San Diego
  11. Lt Christopher Sowers, MD: A multidisciplinary approach to post traumatic headache (PTHA) pain to restore functional status: a quality improvement project designed to maintain medical readiness in combat forces. Navy Medical Center San Diego
  12. Annie Wang, MD:  Home Health Evaluation of a Non-Invasive Hemodynamic Monitor in Patients with Implanted Pulmonary Pressure Monitoring Devices. Loma Linda
  13. Justin Taylor Ward, MD: Unexpected sources of airborne microbial contamination in the operating room. Stanford
  14. Stephanie Gilbert, MD: An Interview with Dr. George Gregory. UCSF

Stephanie Gilbert, MD, who won the CSA Historical Society Resident 2019 essay prize, will be the final presentation. Dr. Gilbert will be presenting an interview that she and Tuyen Thanh Nguyen, MS-4, did with the famous UCSF anesthesiologist and pulmonologist Dr. George Gregory.

Hope you will join us to hear about exciting research and interesting case reports being done by California Anesthesia residents, fellows, and medical students.

If you hang around for a few minutes after the last presenter, you will hear who the three prize winners are from the 13 resident presenters. First prize is $1000, 2nd $500, and 3rd $250. All three winners will get a reduction in the CSA 2021 Annual Meeting 1st 100%, 2nd 50% and 3rd 25%.

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