NBC TV highlights pediatric dental anesthesia; Senate hearing today

  • CSA Executive Committee
| Jul 10, 2017

CSA_LogoSeal_ColorRGBAB 224, the legislation on pediatric dental anesthesia regulations, is set to be heard today in Senate Business and Professions Committee.

Just last night, NBC aired an in-depth investigation on the issue of safety in pediatric dental anesthesia cases. CSA President Karen Sibert, MD, was interviewed as part of the story, and offered expert analysis on the risks for children, and the need for tighter standards that better reflect the standard of care seen in medical settings.

The story examined a series of tragic outcomes where children underwent anesthesia in a dental office.

CSA is in strong support of regulations that prevent the single operator anesthetist model – where one person is in charge of both the surgery and the anesthesia. CSA supports having a second qualified anesthesia provider who is solely dedicated to administering anesthesia and monitoring the patients.

The deaths of healthy children in dental offices should be NEVER events, and we encourage updated standards that avoid unnecessary risk.

Take a look at last night’s coverage of this issue on “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” and this morning on “The Today Show”.  

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