How to do Clinical Research

  • Novak, Richard, MD
| Feb 27, 2017

DR. Novak 2Dr. John Brock-Utne’s Clinical Research, Case Studies of Successes and Failures is a unique and valuable addition to the medical literature, and a must-have handbook for medical school faculty members of all ages and seniority.

Dr. Brock-Utne is a Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford University, and an experienced and accomplished academician. His book is a treatise on how to create significant clinical research studies, and how to get those studies published.

Faculty members in academic medical centers have long been evaluated by a “Publish or Perish” mentality. Publishing significant papers in prominent medical journals is expected if a faculty member wants to solidify his or her job security, or to gain tenure at a university.

Dr. Brock-UtneA Google search for “Clinical research guidebooks” reveals a paucity of competing books. Brock-Utne’s Clinical Research, Case Studies of Successes and Failures is to date the only manual written by a medical professor for this purpose. Just as many prominent business and law schools teach by the case study method, Brock-Utne follows the same technique. Each book chapter presents a question regarding clinical research, posed in Socratic manner, based on the author’s actual experience,. A discussion of the answer follows. This format makes for easy and thoughtful reading, and effective assimilation of the desired knowledge.

Dr. Brock-Utne speaks from experience. A PubMed search documents that he has 271 publications to date, spanning 46 years from 1971-2017.

The three appendixes at the conclusion of the book sum up the major content in concise form. Appendix A (Review of the Clinical Research Process From Beginning to End), Appendix B (The Future of Clinical Research), and Appendix C (Summary Pearls) deserve reading and rereading until the pages are dog-eared.

This book is an essential addition to the library of faculty members of any department or medical specialty. The future of medicine requires the grooming of well-informed, talented researchers. Hopeful researchers need a how-to guide of the outstanding caliber of John Brock-Utne’s Clinical Research, Case Studies of Successes and Failures.

Dr. Brock-Utne is Director of CSA District 4. 

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