Self-Nominations Now Open for CSA Committee Appointments


Each year the California Society of Anesthesiology places a call for applications for committee appointments. 

We're looking for members who are eager to participate in the diverse committees that make up our society. 

Do you have great ideas? Issues that motivate you? If so, we hope you will submit your nomination to one or more CSA committee.

Share your perspective, meet with physician anesthesiologists, and staff from around the state. Discuss topics that facing our specialty and the health care field - whether patient care, patient safety, education, advocacy, or practice-related.

The time period to apply for committee appointments at the state level, your California Society of Anesthesiologists, is now!

The deadline for self-nomination is Sunday, May 16th - CSA will be accepting applications for committee membership self-nomination. This process is a nomination and their is no guarantee of being placed. All nominations will be reviewed by the President Elect and confirmed by the CSA Board of Directors in June and committee members will be informed of their appointment in mid-June.

All current committee members must submit an application to be reappointed for the 2021-22 term.

Ready to apply? Click here to apply by the deadline

Are you will be a resident or fellow in the 2021-2022 Academic Year and interested in serving on a committee? If so, please use this form to apply.

Note – You will see there is a new application process for the Educational Programs Division, this new process ensures CSA’s educational programs meet ACCME’s new requirements for accreditation. Find more information on the application form.

What committees and task forces are there? 
CSA committees range for focusing on advocacy, practice management, education programs, history of anesthesia, and more. Find out about all our committees by exploring their web pages here

Expectation of committee members:
Committee appointments are for the CSA 2021-22 year (beginning June 7). Committee members are expected to meet the following expectations:

  • Attend at least 50 percent of meetings, in person or electronically

  • Participation at committee meetings (e.g. sharing ideas)

  • Volunteer to help produce committee work-products, as needed

  • Open CSA emails!

  • Good 'citizenship' - examples include helping run a meeting and supporting CSA and ASA efforts on messaging, political advocacy, and PAC participation