Distinguished Service Award

History of the CSA Distinguished Service Award

The California Society of Anesthesiologists created a Distinguished Service Award Committee in January, 1974. The award was established for recognition of distinguished and meritorious service by members of CSA.

The Committee is made up of the five past presidents immediately preceding the immediate past president. Nominees are selected by the District Directors, who forward their nominations to the Committee. The Committee then decides which nominee is presented to the House of Delegates for approval. Nominees are typically members who have demonstrated outstanding and meritorious service to the Society. These services may be of civic, political, educational, clinical or research nature.

Recipients to date:

2021 Narendra Trivedi, MD, FASA 
2020 Dan Cole, MD, FASA 
2019  Stan Stead, MD, MBA
2018  Michael Champeau, MD, FASA
2017 Patricia Kapur, MD
2016 Linda J. Mason, MD, FASA
2015 William E. Barnaby, Esq.
2014 None
2013 Barbara Baldwin
2012 David E. Willet, Esq.
2011 None
2010 None
2009 R. Lawrence Sullivan Jr., MD
2008 Benjamin Shwachman, MD
2007 Jack L. Moore, MD
2006 Caryl J. Guth, MD
2005 J. Kent Garman, MD
2004 Thomas H. Cromwell, MD
2003 Stephen H. Jackson, MD
2002 Thomas A. Joas, MD
2001 Norman Levin, MD
2000 None
1999 Thomas W. Feeley, MD
1998 Arthur O. McGowan, MD
1997 None
1996 Peter L. McDermott, MD
1995 None
1994 Evelyn B. Squier, CSA Assistant Executive Director
1993 None
1992 None
1991 Norman R. Catron, CSA Executive Director
1990 Douglass H. Batten, MD
1989 None
1988 Gerald Nudell, MD
1987 None
1986 Gilbert E. Kinyon, MD
1985 Don R. King, MD
1984 Solomon H. Statman, MD
1983 James S. West, MD
1982 John S. Hattox, MD
1981 John R. Raymond, MD
1980 None
1979 None
1978 William B. Neff, MD
1977 M. Kathleen Belton, MD
1976 Donald J. Lauber, MD