Nominations & Elections

CSA 2019 Election Results

CSA members,

I am honored to share with you the results of CSA's 2019 election!

Please join me in congratulating CSA's new District and Practice Forum Directors, Delegates, and Alternate Delegates who have been elected to represent you in CSA's House of Delegates and on the Board of Directors.

If you have the opportunity, please be sure to contact them individually to offer them congratulations and to let them know how CSA can better serve you, your practice, and our shared specialty.

On behalf of CSA leadership, thank you for your participation in this year’s election process. Your engagement has resulted in the highest voter turnout in CSA history!

This marks the beginning of CSA’s new Districts and Practice Forums, which are critical to enhancing CSA advocacy efforts and advancing your practice, and your continued engagement will help ensure our shared success.


Philip R. Levin, MD

CSA Secretary

Congratulations to the following members:

(Results are sorted by position, then listed alphabetically—not in order of total votes received)

District 1

Christian Bohringer, MBBS – Director

Colin Bauer, MD – Delegate
Matthew Grow, MD – Delegate
Maria Gutierrez, MD – Delegate
Christina Inglis-Arkell, MD – Delegate
Anubhav Kapoor, MD – Delegate
Catherine Whang, MD – Delegate

District 2

Rondall Lane, MD – Director

Matthias Braehler, MD - Delegate
Johnny Chew, MD - Delegate
Adrian Gelb, MB. ChB, DA, FRCPC - Delegate
Vanessa Henke, MD - Delegate
Sonali Joshi, MBBS - Delegate
Stephanie Lim, MD - Delegate
Thoha Pham, MD - Delegate
Gail Shibata, MD - Delegate
Claas Siegmueller, MD, PhD, MBA - Delegate
Seema Gandhi, MD – Alternate Delegate
Ahmed Shalabi, MD – Alternate Delegate
Wei Zhou, MD – Alternate Delegate

District 3

Sydney Thomson, MD, FASA – Director

Jennifer Basarab-Tung, MD - Delegate
Brendan Carvalho, MBBCh, FRCA, MD - Delegate
Lynn Cintron, MD - Delegate
Genevieve D'souza, MD - Delegate
Melanie Henry, MD, MPH - Delegate
Jean-Louis Horn, MD - Delegate
Christine Jette, MD - Delegate
Chul-Kyun Park, MD - Delegate
Kristen Telischak, MD - Delegate
Ellen Wang, MD - Delegate
Kamran Husain, MD, MBA – Alternate Delegate
Raji Swamidurai, MD – Alternate Delegate
Muhammad Shaikh, MD, PhD – Alternate Delegate

District 4

Jeffrey Rusheen, MD - Director

Michael Tang, MD – Delegate
Puja Trivedi, DO - Delegate
Keren Ziv, MD – Delegate

District 5

Henry Gonzalez, MD - Director

Eugenia Ayrian, MD – Delegate
Caleb Chu, MD – Delegate
Wayne Kaufman, MD – Delegate
Rajesh Patel, MD – Delegate

District 6

Lawrence Ong, MD – Director

John Chalabi, MD – Delegate
Soo Chen, MD – Delegate
Tara Humphrey, DO – Delegate
Andrew Kadar, MD – Delegate
Rana Movahedi, MD – Delegate
Najmeh Sadoughi, MD – Delegate
Ali Salehi, MD – Delegate
Radhi Dinavahi, MD – Alternate Delegate
Koorosh Elihu, MD – Alternate Delegate
Ron Rothstein, MD – Alternate Delegate

District 7

Shalini Shah, MD – Director

Ahmed Assif, MD, FASA – Delegate
Armen Chalian, MD – Delegate
Rakhi Dayal, MD – Delegate
Mukesh Gupta, MD – Delegate
Govind Rajan, MD – Delegate
Dzuy Vu, MD – Delegate
Omar Satter, MD – Alternate Delegate

District 8

Robin Seaberg, MD – Director

Alyssa Brzenski, MD – Delegate
Chien-Hsiang Chow, MD – Delegate
Ladan Farhoomand, MD – Delegate
Junichi Naganuma, MD – Delegate
Reema Sanghvi, MD – Delegate
Minh Tran, MD – Delegate

Academic Practice Forum 

Sharon Ashley, MD – Director 

Thomas Anderson, MD, PhD - Delegate
Joyce Chang, MD - Delegate
David Drover, MD - Delegate
Vivekanand Kulkarni, MBBS - Delegate
Emily Methangkool, MD - Delegate
Manuel Pardo, MD - Delegate
Siamak Rahman, MD - Delegate
Lee-lynn Chen, MD - Alternate Delegate 
Joseph Galura, DO – Alternate Delegate
David Shimabukuro, MD - Alternate Delegate
Amrik Singh, MD - Alternate Delegate
Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS – Alternate Delegate
Waylan Wong, MD - Alternate Delegate

Small & Solo Practice Forum

Jenni Bartlotti Telesz, MD - Director

Osahon Osifo, MD - Delegate
Michele Raney, MD – Delegate

Medium Practice Forum

Gerard Dang, MD – Director

Mark Carlisle, MD - Delegate
Jan Hirsch, MD - Delegate
Christine Lee, MD - Delegate
Todd Primack, DO - Delegate
Catherine Roby, DO - Delegate
Vivian Tanaka, MD - Delegate
Michael Wangler, MD, MBA - Delegate
Shaun Kunnavatana, MD - Alternate Delegate
Jeff Lewis, BCH, MB – Alternate Delegate
Mohammed Radmard, MD – Alternate Delegate

Large Practice Forum

John Brock-Utne, MD, PhD – Director 

Harold Humphreys, MD - Delegate
Brian Jones, MD - Delegate
James Moore, MD - Delegate
Swayta Reddy, MD - Delegate
Alan Zneimer, MD – Delegate

Early Career Practice Forum

Sunny Jha, MD – Director

Beril Abraham, MD - Delegate
Allison Moriarty, MD - Delegate
De-An Zhang, MD - Delegate
Andrui Nazarian, MD – Alternate Delegate
Justin Pollock, MD – Alternate Delegate
Aaron  Przybysz, MD, PhD – Alternate Delegate

In-Training Practice Forum (director elected by current CSA resident delegates and alternate delegates; delegates within each program are chosen by the program director)

Adam J. Milam, MD, PhD - Director