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CSA Online First is a weekly blog featuring insights from CSA members themselves.

Edited by Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP, with contributions from CSA’s Committee on Professional and Public Communications, Online First is a place where knowledge and opinion from any one of our 3200 plus physician-anesthesiologist members can be shared, discussed and deliberated to advance the specialty of anesthesiology, the practice of medicine and society in general.

"Better solutions to difficult problems are usually made when all sides are heard."

Steven Goldfien, MD



Report from CSA Headquarters…

Aug 31, 2015 / by
  • Butler, David, CSA Executive Director

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Live from Chicago: What’s New at the ASA?

Aug 17, 2015 / by
  • Sibert, Karen, MD, FASA

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What Every Physician Should Know About CURES

Aug 10, 2015 / by
  • Poage, Jeffrey, MD

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Changing Clinical Practice Shouldn’t Take So Long

Aug 03, 2015 / by
  • Mariano, Edward, MD, MAS

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The 2015 Perioperative Surgical Home Summit

Jul 27, 2015 / by
  • Sibert, Karen, MD, FASA

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MOCA in the Crosshairs

Jul 20, 2015 / by
  • Polluck, Justin, MD

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Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! I am Sick over Sick Days!!

Jul 13, 2015 / by
  • Chamberlin, Keith, MD, MBA, FASA

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A New Chapter for CSA

Jul 06, 2015 / by
  • Hertzberg, Linda, MD, FASA

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House of Delegates, president-elect

Jun 29, 2015 / by
  • Moore, James, MD

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Did Dr. Virginia Apgar Worry About Work-Life Balance?

Jun 22, 2015 / by
  • Sibert, Karen, MD, FASA

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