Nominations & Elections

CSA 2018 ElectionResults

Dear CSA Members:

Please join me in congratulating CSA's District Directors, Delegates, and Alternate Delegates, who have been elected or re-elected to represent you at the upcoming House of Delegates meeting.

Each of them has been elected to represent you and advance your interests throughout the year and particularly at CSA's annual governance and business meeting of the House of Delegates, which will take place in San Jose on June 2 and 3.

If you have the opportunity, please be sure to contact them individually to offer them congratulations and to let them know how CSA can better serve you, your career, and our shared specialty.


Rima Matevosian, MD

CSA Secretary

Please join me in congratulating…

District 1:

Director – Robin Seaberg, MD, Director

Director – Chien-Hsian Chow,MD

Delegate – Hetal Hosalkar, MD, Delegate

Delegate Alyssa Brzenski, MD

District 2:

Director – Henry Gonzalez, MD

Delegate – Mukesh Gupta, MD

Delegate – Jenni Telesz, MD

District 3:

Delegate: Eugenia Ayrian, MD

Alternate: Sunny Jha, MD

District 4:

Director – John G. Brock-Utne, MD, Phd

Delegate – Brendan Carvalho, MBBCh, FRCA, MDCH

Delegate – David Drover, MD

Delegate – Geoffrey Lighthall, MD, Phd

Delegate – Jennifer Basarab-Tung, MD

Delegate –  Kristen Telischak, MD

Alternate – Jonay Hill, MD

Alternate – Lena Scotto, MD

Alternate –Radhamangalam Ramamurthi, MBBS

Alternate – Victoria Yin, MD

Alternate – Joseph Borau, MD

District 5:

Delegate – Michael Pesce, MD

District 6:

Delegate – Joshua Cohen, MD

Delegate – Joyce Chang, MD

Delegate – Matthias Braehler, MD

Alternate – Ahmed Shalabi, MD

Alternate – Wei Zhou, MD

Alternate – Gail Shibata, MD

District 8:

Delegate – Amrik Singh, MD

Delegate – Aubrey Yao, MD

Delegate – Scott Kriss, MD

Delegate – Todd Primack, DO

Alternate – Christian Boringer, MD

Cinthia Tirado, MD

District 10:

Delegate – Chris Clave, MD

District 11:

Delegate – Parisa Partownavid, MD

Delegate – John Chalabi, MD

Delegate – Swayta Reddy, MD, MPH

Delegate – Siamak Rahman, MD

Alternate – Michael Wangler, MD, MBA

Alternate – Puja Trivedi, DO

District 12:

Delegate – Lawrence Ong, MD

District 13:

Delegate – Christine Lee, MD

Delegate – Kyle Paredes, MD

Delegate – Waylan Wong, MD

Delegate – Rakhi Dayal, MD

District 14:

Delegate – Elizabeth Tsai, MD

Delegate – Maryetta Ovsepian, MD

Delegate – Peter Lee, MD

Alternate – Andrui Nazarian, MD

Alternate – Mark Goh, MD

Alternate – Kha Kinh Huynh, MD