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Proposed Changes to VHA Nursing Handbook Would Replace Physician-Led, Team-Based Surgical Anesthesia Care With Nurse-Only Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is currently attempting to adopt a new “VHA Nursing Handbook,” which would abandon the VA’s proven model of physician-led, team-based surgical anesthesia care and replace it with a nurse-only model of care.

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CSA 2016 Winter Anesthesia Conference 

Thank you to all of the exhibitors at this year's Winter Anesthesia Conference.

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Physician Anesthesiologists Recognized at the State Capitol
By Karen Sibert, MD

CSA's celebration of Physician Anesthesiologists Week 2016 got off to an excellent start yesterday in Sacramento, as Assembly Assistant Speaker pro Tem David Chiu (D-San Francisco) introduced a resolution on the Assembly floor recognizing the week, January 31 through February 6. This is the second annual Physician Anesthesiologists Week, introduced nationally last year by the ASA.

Co-sponsored by 72 other assembly members and passed unanimously, the resolution (ACR 119) recognizes the high level of training of physician anesthesiologists, our role in protecting patient safety, and the CSA’s work in advocating for our specialty and our patients.

James Moore, MD, CSA President, and Jeffrey Poage, MD, LPAD Chair, accepted the framed resolution on the Assembly floor on behalf of the CSA and its 3000 plus resident, fellow, and active members. Watching from the gallery were Karen Sibert, MD, CSA Secretary, and residents and faculty from the University of California, Davis, including Jeffrey Uppington, MBBS, the CSA Director for District 8, Peter Moore, MD, PhD, the UC Davis department chair, Amrik Singh, MD, the residency program director, Nicole Weiss, MD, a faculty member, and residents Michelle Kim, MD, and Yu Yu Shu, MD.

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